First Day of School!

So I just went to school today for the first time. It was really interesting, but as expected, I barely understood anything. I did relatively, somehow, understand physics though! They’re doing waves right now. Contemporary Society flew right past me though.
It wasn’t too hard though because
1. We didn’t have to change classes
2. Everyone wanted tp speak english with me.

I’m actually grateful they tried speaking english to me because otherwise,  I wouldn’t have understood anything at all. Probably having everyone only speaking Japanese to you is only useful if you are much more advantaged than I am with ~ 1 1/2 years of studying.

Everyone was really excited to meet me, and that made me really happy, because people usually don’t approach me first. In this case K had too many people coming up to me at once. ^ ^ Anyway, everyone is really kind, and really kind.

My view from the most back left seat on the 5th floor and on a hill top is the best! Can see all of Hiroshima.

Will post many pictures soon.


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