What to Post About

Just curious,  what would you like me to post about first (other than what I was already going to post about)? I was going to keep this list private and just randomly pick at these topics when the inspiration came to me, but I’m curious, what would you be most interested in hearing about? Also if I had my way I would write about all of these topics in a row, dedicating a whole day to it, which honestly I don’t have the time nor stamina to do, so I need some way to tackle this list. This is just a list I casually created, please let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Fear of failure

Planning things and getting angry at myself for not feeling like doing them in the moment

What I want this blog to be: more important than just an inventory, and more personal: my thoughts

I wonder if my thoughts are the same as others: assumptions

Does it matter what others think of me? : I refuse to shave my legs!

What our life is

My thought process: inspiration


I actually want people to know what I think and my inner workings: although I know I’m putting myself in a vulnerable position

The power of information

Human Ignorance

Science and Technology


2 thoughts on “What to Post About

  1. I think maybe what you’ve been doing so far, like capturing the culture around you, etc. Maybe highlighting the differences in how people are expected to act in Japan and how people act here. Japanese science and tech sounds pretty cool too. And it’s your blog, so I would love to hear more of your personal thoughts about failure and peoples expectations of you if you’re comfortable doing that! Either way, ブログは良いですね。


    1. ありがとう!I think in the end I’ll just write about whatever randomly comes to my mind, it’s much more truthful that way. Plus, I’m less likely to write anything if I plan it out for myself like homework. 😛 But for sure I’ll eventually end up talking about what you’ve mentioned, I’m just not sure when.


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