A Break in Time

Recently I’ve been thinking about gap years. I went to a gap year fair a couple of days ago that got me thinking: in what circumstance would I need to take a gap year? Although gap years can be beneficial in a superfluous amount of ways, they also delay college for a year and are a huge financial burden. In result, I decided, I would only take a gap year if it was absolutely necessary for my life, if I would not be able to continue on without one.

Upon reaching the end of high school – as I am allowing myself to speculate – most students feel as if they really need a break from the whole structured – sometimes constrictive – learning environment. And so they will take a gap year or something of the sort, a break from 4 continuously difficult years of pushing to get to college. Yet, I find this troublesome. How is it that a person can run out of steam so quickly, right as they’re supposed to get to the so-called, most exciting part of their lives?

The only way I am able to assess this question is by looking at my own life. Although I can only speculate, I can imagine that at the point of finishing senior year, I’ll be rather dull and bored of life as a student. As I am now as a student, I feel very protected and constraint by my environment. I do not enjoy the life of sitting at a desk all day doing assigned inconspicuous and possibly uninfluential work, as the sunrise turns to sunset, and as I unnoticeably become older. I’m not sure if I can accept such a sedimentary life as living. Nevertheless, maybe all of this dissatisfaction comes not from my circumstance necessarily, but rather from my mentality. Taking this assumption, in this case, the way to once more become exited about life as a student and college would be to use a catalyzing force to skew the pessimistic mentality inside me at the moment.  This catalyzing force would be a gap year.

And so, we now have our answers. The circumstances in which I would take a gap year would be those in which I have become too pessimistic about life as a student to continue on to college and would need a break to revitalize my spirit and energy.

Although an interesting and exciting gap year can be a great way to jump start your spirits for college, what about for other times in life? As a person becomes accustomed to their environment, how can they make the mundane alive again in their eyes?

Questions to explore in the future…


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