Daily :)

How would it be if I wrote in this blog every day?

Recently, to be honest, I haven’t been very satisfied with how my everyday life is. All I do every day is what a popular french saying expresses very clearly: “métro, boulot, do do”, the literal translation of which is: ‘commute, work, sleep’.

In a sum of words, I also do the same thing every day with school. I wake up, go to school, take a hurried lunch break, take the bus home tired, eat dinner, and do homework until it’s time to go to bed. This is not a very exciting routine. Rather I’m fine doing it, but once I begin to think about how many hours in my life I send passively doing this, it really makes me want to take more control of my day to day life and spend it doing what I actually enjoy doing. It’s a shame to waste to waste your youth in such a way. I’m not saying that school isn’t important because it is; it’s very important for us (teenagers) at our age to build a foundation upon which to learn whatever we want to learn from there on. But it’s hard for me to believe that studying can be all there is in life, and all that should be important for us at our age and moment in time (applying for college). I think that everyday life should have a more diverse scope that just this; we should have time enough to, at least, fulfill our basic needs: sleeping, eating, social interaction, and leisure.

I could go on about this forever (but I need to go to bed), but the big idea is that studying shouldn’t take so much of your energy that you don’t even have time to address your basic needs, reflect on the day, or be happy anymore. As a solution, I am thinking about attempting to do one small thing every day that makes me happy. One of the things I am thinking about doing is writing in my blog more often, ideally a bit every day because it makes me happy. 🙂 So please look forward to that; however, don’t expect a masterpiece every day, maybe just a sentence or two, a picture, or a quote. Maybe even music or some of my art! Anyway…

Have fun and relax, it’s as important as studying.



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