Wonders of Life

It is such a wonderful thing when you can find just the words you need to express something in your life. Japanese has so many of this words I thought it would be nice to share some of them with you. None of these are my pictures, they are wonderful representations of the words done by BuzzFeed.


I think it is interesting how I have more and more found joy in the small things in life such as komorebi, or any of the other words here really. It really does make my life a happier one overall since I don’t have to wait for something really specific to happen in a day to make it a good day. I no longer have too many requirements to make me happy. All I need is a bit of beauty in nature and that will bring a smile to my face. Maybe even things as simple as a puddle in the road, or the way light shines through the clouds, a nice breeze, or green leaves. It’s a healthier way to be than how I used to be before, and for that I am grateful. These small things can bring me out of my sadness, anger, or close-mindedness. They are my rescue very often. These small things are welcomed reminders of how wonderful and amazing it is to be alive and be able to experience all of these small beauties. I just hope that all people can learn to find small moments of happiness in this way.


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